Shaun Black Knows Business

A 20+ year entrepreneur with a no-B.S.-in-business attitude, Shaun has powered over $30 million in annual revenue with his trading and importing company, Diamond Produce, founded numerous successful local businesses, and remained on the cutting edge of national start-up industries for over a decade.

His experience as a grocer taught him the importance of exceeding expectations, one relationship at a time. Through systems, automation, and personal touch, his businesses deliver consistent retail-minded service. His “add value” approach to vendor and teams alike has paid dividends and been the driving force behind growth and profit.

When he’s not at the office obsessing over culture or recruiting the next great team member, you’ll likely find him on the golf course or with his beautiful wife, Fran, and their “cute as a button” daughters, Delany and Lucy. (He gives most of the credit for that to Fran.)

To learn more about Shaun, check out his blogs on Medium or watch his new video series When In Doubt, where Shaun speaks to some of the Midwest’s most notable entrepreneurs on the perils and triumphs of running a business.

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